I started my NCS journey in the summer of 2015 and it was 3 weeks that I definitely will never forget. I was very reluctant about going on programme as I was very shy and didn't like meeting new people but from the moment I stepped on the bus on the first morning to leaving the college on the last day I enjoyed every minute of it!

I thought that the moment I graduated NCS would be the end of my journey, but I couldn't be more wrong, graduation was the start of a new journey with NCS. I joined the regional youth board and our first and main project was working with ‘the rucksack project’ that helped the homeless. I started fundraising to raise money for the rucksacks and its contents so I could make many fully equipped rucksacks to give over to people in need.

Alongside working on the Youth Board I also got the opportunity to help out in various NCS events in my area such as graduations, recruitment evenings and so on. NCS helped me to be able to give speeches ect. at these events in front of many, many people and before NCS I would not of even been able to stand in front of that many people let alone give a speech to them! 


NCS has taught me many things and helped me develop many skills but the main skill it has helped me majorly develop is my confidence which I never thought would be possible. Due to my newly found confidence I have been able to do things like apply for the school president position and give a speech to my entire year, I did not get president position but I secured the position of Vice President as well which I am very happy with. 

I was also able to get involved with oversees volunteer work. In the two weeks of easter break I flew over to India to volunteer and teach English to disadvantaged children in a charity school. I went every day for two hours and taught year 1 and year 2. I taught the classes by myself and they really enjoyed having me there with them and they managed to learn a lot of new English and boost their own confidence in speaking which they lacked before. I even planned a small party to have with them on their last day with ice cream and games and chocolates!


All this would not of been possible without my improved confidence to take this on all alone and that's all down to the 3 weeks I spent on NCS and all the opportunities it has opened me to afterwards. 

I am currently volunteering on the summer programmes which is truly amazing but I have also been offered the position as team leader for the summer of 2017, which I definitely will accept, and I look forward to taking up another new challenge, again all due to NCS and all the doors it has opened for me and my future.