Hey guys, so today I'm going to talk to you about my experience on NCS and what I have learnt from the experience!

NCS = National Citizenship Service - it's a great way to meet people close to your age and to do something worthwhile in your summer. NCS is open to 15-17-year-olds and also looks fab on your CV which makes you more employable. Win win!

My experience was great. The first week was inevitably the hardest. I'm pretty much a home bird and rarely stay anywhere other than my house (except for sleepovers). I loved the activities with my team and my mentor was really supportive but I did miss home. Also, I was in a team with 14 people that I didn't know but I realised that everyone is in the same boat and made a few friends. 

In week 2 I stayed in University accommodation which was really fun! Also, the girls in my flat were all lovely. On the first night, we had a Come Dine With Me evening where 3 groups of 2 had to make a dish and I really enjoyed going to the shops with my 'flatmates' and choosing what to make. Unfortunately, I had to leave a day early from this week so I missed the First Aid course with the army! I was gutted.

I much preferred week 3. My team and I met at a nearby college and planned our social action project. The social action project is where you and your team set a weeks worth of fun events in order to help raise money for a charity. We chose Newlife as the money raised is used closer to home. I also ran all the social media aspect of our campaign so most of my work was done at home.

Week 4 was by far the greatest. On Monday we bag packed at large superstore and I loved it. The customers were very generous and I loved the whole idea of giving something back to the community. Tuesday was a great night we hosted a party with two other teams and had a whole lot of fun. Wednesday was Super Sonic Boom which is an event for teenagers - we held an awesome bake sale. On Thursday was the sponsored 10-mile walk - we raised over £200 alone on this event. 

Overall I've learnt social skills as I didn't know any people in my team and now a few are very good friends. I also learnt that giving back to the community is such a rewarding feeling!

If you live in the UK and are aged between 15-17 sign up now for next summer! What are you waiting for?

Amber, Urban Footprint blog