The four weeks I did with NCS has been BRILLIANT! NCS provides many opportunities, not only to develop new skills but also to make new friends, gain confidence and grow as a person.

I have had some difficulties which means I can find it difficult to navigate my way through social situations. But the people I met at NCS were fantastic, making it easy for me to 'fit in'. We have had loads of fun and all of us enjoyed being together and working together as a team. I am sure we will continue to be firm friends in the future.

The Leaders were great and worked hard to ensure we gain the best experiences possible out of the NCS program, helping us all to shine in our own individual ways. It has been a rewarding and life changing experience that has changed my whole outlook on life. I have gained confidence in myself and confidence in mixing and socialising with my peers.

Due to illness my secondary education has been a very difficult process. NCS has helped to fill some of those gaps, providing a safe environment to gain both physical and mental strength. The leaders and mentors work closely with each individual person. This means they accommodate different needs well and successfully create an environment to develop life skills, building self confidence enabling us to believe in ourselves which is important if we are to live successfully and independently.

NCS is the best thing I have done, it has enabled me to find my true self and be comfortable with the person that I am and it has equipped me with skills necessary for life. With NCS I have found that I can move forwards. 

At the end of the course NCS gave me the confidence to sing and perform at my graduation ceremony, something that would not have been remotely possible four weeks earlier.

Our team leader always told us 'you get out what you put in'. If you are not sure about going on an NCS course or feel a bit unsure wondering if you will fit in - just go ahead and do it. If you are willing to put in a little hard work, NCS will help you to shine as an individual, and it all begins with YES!!