Well I'll be honest with you, I was absolutely terrified when I signed up for NCS. The thought of spending the summer with a group of people who I didn’t know made me really anxious, but I’m glad I did it and I wouldn’t change my decision for the anything. 

I signed up for NCS summer 2015 programme during my 6th from open evening. I’m usually one of those people who has a never takes risks, so signing up to something in the midst of an opening evening was very unusual for me.

A few months passed, GCSE’s were sat, and it was soon time to start packing and getting ready for NCS. I remember it so well. I was standing outside the castle in Wellingborough waiting to get on the couch whilst my mum, being to overprotective mother she is, was making sure I had everything I needed ranging from water bottle to if I had enough layers on. As I was only person from my friendship group going on NCS I knew nobody on the coach. I couldn’t stop thinking, “what if no one liked me."

We eventually reached the camp where we week one of our NCS journey would begin, we all got off to coach and were shown to our tents. I shared a tent with five girls who turned out to be in the same team as me. We were all in the same boat, we were all nervous and we didn't know anyone else but we soon started to bond. The next day our team was told we had to go on a 10 mile trek and being typical teenagers none of us were very excited, but we did it anyway with an open mind. I can honestly say it was the best thing that could have happened to us, the walk allowed us to bond together even more then before as we didn’t have our phones on us it forced us to talk to each other. Even though we had all never met before we got on like a house on fire, we even came up with a team name as we all figured out how team 6 just didn’t have a catchy ring to it so we renamed ourselves legit 6. I know what you are thinking, why? Well put it simply it by renaming the team it felt like it was our team and we had to work together to become the best team there had ever been, I still believe we are. The rest of the week flew by, all the time around the campfire, learning about each other’s lives and experience and finding out what we wanted to do in the future.

There’s so many memories that I have from NCS, that I wouldn’t change for anything, ranging from the highs to the lows. I'm now volunteering with my local charity shop. I never used to take chances but I saw an ad for volunteering and I just went for it and the next day I found out I’d got the job. I'm now working with a friend to create my own social action project with the skills I’ve learnt from NCS. 

I would fully recommend NCS to anyone as it will change your perspective on life and the people who you chose to surround yourself with. It allows you to overcome challenges that you thought you would never be able to overcome. So take a chance on NCS even if you are on the fence because I promise you will not regret it. Just say yes.