On the 18th of March, NCS grads from across the UK will come together and celebrate all things social action. It’s a chance to shout out loud about your social action achievements, celebrate your passions and make a real difference.

NCS Action Day – in partnership with Santander – is an amazing opportunity for NCS grads to amplify all that social action activity, promoting the causes that can really make a difference. EM1’s Regional Youth Board will be coordinating projects across the region to raise awareness of how negative perceptions of mental health can affect young people.

They’re carrying on the great work of an awesome team of summer ’16 NCSers, who created the ‘THINK How I Feel’ campaign as part of their social action project. They petitioned the Department for Education to include mental health and learning disabilities in the school curriculum. The team did this to increase awareness of learning disabilities and mental health experiences of young people. The Youth Board aims to increase empathy and patience young people affected by these issues by sharing the petition and promoting the cause further. This is a great campaign to continue and would mean that those of you who can’t make it to an event can work from home and post the petition on social media – spread the word and gain support. It also means that all of us can continue sharing the petition on social media throughout Action Week! You can find the petition here.

If you're a Lincolnite, you can head to Boultham Park from 10 until 4 to join the NCS Team in renovating the area - it'll be all hands on deck to make a great impact on this well-loved beauty spot!. Let us know if you can make it!

See everything happening for Action Week - CLICK HERE


If you fancy taking your own angle, there are plenty of good causes that you could champion for Action Day. Get on board with a local charity, consult our nice little two-page guide on how to promote your social action, then tell the world about your incredible achievements! With all your hard work and proper coverage from local journalists, people will be able to see what a huge impact social action can have.

NCS is all about giving young people the tools, opportunities and respect to achieve amazing things in their communities. So Action Day is a really fantastic way to give a special shout-out for all the positive work you’ve been doing in your local area. How are we getting into the spirit of things? We've shared a  really cool NCS video which explains how to do a brilliant social action project in a day. Check out NCSEM1 on Facebook and Twitter to see that and much more!

This is your chance to enter the spotlight and start spreading the word about your cause. So get ready to put all the skills you’ve gained from NCS to good use, assemble your star social action team and let’s do some inspiring work!

Don’t forget: tell us how you’ll be making a difference on Twitter with #NCSActionDay and @NCSEM1 and we’ll share it through all our channels to help you get even more grads involved!