At NCS we love to hear feedback from young people, as it helps shape the programme we all know and love. We’ve been sifting through our big sack of letters (alright, it’s an inbox) and there’s one question that crops up all the time – ‘can I take my mate on NCS?’

The answer is YES

In Autumn 2017, you and your mate can be allocated onto the same NCS wave. Boom!

How does it work? If you sign you friend up to NCS you’ll get a code to share with your mate; once they sign up, they can enter that magic number and voila! You’ll be on the same NCS wave, and we’ll do our best to ensure you’re on the coach together. ‘Cos you know, the best things in life come in…twos. Not only that, but you'll receive your choice of a £20  Nandos, Ticketmaster or Amazon voucher!

NCS is about broadening your horizons, meeting new people and stepping out of your comfort zone. But we also know that it’s nice to see a familiar face now and then. Chances are, once you step off that coach you’ll already have more new mates than Kim Kardashian has selfies!

Sign up now right here!

Terms and conditions

Things to remember if you’re applying with a friend:

  1. You both need to pick the same date
  2. Valid for the Autumn 2017 programme only
  3. You need to let us know (via email, call, or Facebook NCSEM1) that your mate has signed up
  4. The vouchers will only be after you've both signed up, we'll then cotact you to let you choose Ticketmaster/Nandos/Amazon
  5. Offer runs until 20th October 2017, so sign up before then!