Who can participate in NCS?

My son/daughter has additional needs, can they take part in NCS?

What do the young people do on NCS?

How can I sign up?

How will NCS benefit me?

When can I do NCS?

How much does NCS cost?

Where can I take part in NCS?

Where will young people be staying during the residential phases?

How do I get to the locations for each phase of NCS?

Can I do NCS again?

My friend is taking part in NCS, will we be in the same group?

I'm concerned about taking part in some of the activities on programme e.g heights

Do I need to attend all of the programme?

I have asked for a specific start date, when will I receive confirmation of my start date?

Are mobile phones allowed on NCS?

Will young people need to bring any money with them when they come on NCS?

Can dietary requirements be catered for?

What supervision will be available?

What Health & Safety provisions will be in place?

What is your refund policy?